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Alan Tagg from Ireland wrote:
With each new release, Ariston becomes less and less enjoyable. Unlike the earlier releases that almost reflected an honest game against a very good opponent, now Ariston throws itself 80% optimal dice, 5 to 1 in doubles and 90% combination dice. Quite frankly - expert level is totally unrealistic.....
Comment: In some respect I agree with your first point. Sometimes if the dice rolls are too biased, I break up and start a new game.
But I can't help it...The neural net is still learning and becomes better and better....
It hardly doesn't make mistakes anymore and it takes advantage of your mistakes merciless.
On the other hand I have learned a lot about backgammon and how to move better..
If you have doubts about the dice rolls you may use an external random app or just enter your manually rolled dice figures..
For more fun I would reccommend to select 80% skill level wich is perhaps more "realistic".

Mohammad from Iran wrote:
Within the previous long games that I had with Ariston backgammon program I thought that misusing the cube is the reason to Ariston high score in comparison to me..
So this time I disabled the “use cube” option and played 2003 games seriously and without cheat with ariston backgammon.
The result is weird: 940 win and 1063 lose I added also some option to RND DLL but it’s all I see and I couldn’t find any dice based cheat on software..
Even I’m seeing this by my eyes, still it is unbelievable. It clearly playing better than me!!!
Comment:Thanks Mohammad for your idea to offer a option to use (self made) external Dice generators and all your code examples.

Alan Tagg from Ireland wrote:
It is beyond doubt that the dice are loaded in favour of the 'computer opponent' and the ratio of doubles in the computer player's favour and when it thows the doubles is very suspicious.
However, it does encourage one to think outside of the box and I think my game has improved a lot because of this although I have no 'human' opponent to practice with..
I am now vastly superior to this version to the extent of scoring a 128 point game today! Can't wait for the next version.
Please think about starting an online game so that we can pit our ariston backgammon skills against each other..
Comment: In the next version you may use your own random dice generator!

Juan Carlos from Argentina wrote:
The program cheats, and it is easy to probe. Use TWO computers, and enter the same seed number in both of them. You will receive the same dice combination in both computers for a couple of turns, but if you play DIFFERENT in each computer you will find out that when the program reaches the "need" "of certain dice combination, it will get it, but NOT in the other computer. If the random generator is not manipulated by the program" needs, it should keep giving the same dice combination for the rest of the match in every computer.
Comment: In certain situations Ariston is doing a quick internal rollout to check for a cube action.
These rollout function is using the random dice generator as well and you will get different rolls after such a rollout!
THEREFORE...You have to switch off the use of the doubling cube in the menu !
This will proof that "no matter how you play" you will get the same sequence of dice on all computers!

Lorene from USA wrote:
I have been playing Ariston for several years and was quite a novice when I began. I have played through several versions. I have constantly improved and can now hold my own against the "machine". The more I play the more I am convinced that the dice rolls and lucky streaks are fair and random. I can't imagine that I could have learned this game any better by playing any other virtual opponent.

Jacob Moskowitz from USA wrote:
The more I play with your program the more I am amazed how smart your program is.
For a long time I blamed the program on cheating but the real issue is that your program provides the most challenge to the real life player.
I got to tell you that you did an excellent job in writing the program.
And yes sometimes it rolls incredible numbers that make me think it cheats but it is luck

Peter Austin from London, England wrote:
E-Mail: peteraustin115 at
Nice presentation and easy to use. Like the roll-out option eecially for evaluating doubling positions.
As for cheating, I think I have had as much luck as it has. I play Jellyfish alot so am used to losing (and winning) to extremely unlikely throws. If you play often enough, the unlikely is bound to happen.
In summary, a well executed game which will provide a challenge

Mike Deen from Bedford, Texas wrote:
E-Mail: m.deen at
Für einen Anfänger frustrierend, selbst ein geübter Spieler hat nur einen Hauch einer Gewinnchance.

Soenke from Dithmarschen, Germany wrote:
E-Mail: soenke at
Ich finde, Ariston Backgammon ist mit die gelungendste Version aller BG-Programme. Obwohl mir die schlichte Grafik der Vorgänger-Versionen noch besser gefiel. (Die Steine noch ohne Kontur und die stilisierten Würfel).
Ich habe leider nicht genug technisches Know-How, was die Kritik am Zufallsgenarator hier im GB angeht. Jedenfalls erscheinen mir die Erklärungen des Programmierers plausibel.
Ich finde, der Spielfluss wird etwas gestört durch das Klicken auf der "Würfel-Leiste" nach Beendigung des eigenen Zuges. Ein automatisches Würfeln für den Comp. schließt sich aufgrund der dann fehlenden Zug-Rücknahmemöglichkeit natürlich aus.
Könnte man nicht nach Setzen der eigenen Steine durch ein weiteres Klicken, (links oder rechts, egal an welcher Stelle des Boards) den Würfelvorgang des Computers in Gang setzen? Vielleicht bin ich aber auch nur zu faul! ;-)
Gruß von der Nordseeküste

Jacob from USA wrote:
E-Mail: Jacob at
I may be frustrated with the game winning and being so "lucky" but the fact is the game is very smart and is a challenge where most backgammon games out there are not.

Alejandro from Buenos Aires (Argentina) wrote:
E-Mail: alexbsas at
I don't beleive a word about the random dice generator. It happend 100% of the times that the computer gets the desired number when one of my pieces is alone. Also, computers doubles just before any of this cheats. Which is the idea? I won't pay a cent for being cheated.

Jeff Carey from California wrote:
E-Mail: jeffcarey at

Bob Burke from USA wrote:
E-Mail: boburke1 at
This is the best Game I have tried. I can beat it most of the time. It's a good challenge.I can tell your a very good player to write such a well thought out program. Keep up the good work.

Gerhard Marsing from germany wrote:
E-Mail: gerhard at
i just used your game for severeal weeks, i play backgammon for more than 30 years, i tested the so called "random function" of your game for the dices.
double 6 comes 1445 times for the user and 4210 times for the computer player, getting any random dice for coming out, 939 times i needed more than 4 tries, the computer needed 5 tries just 15 times.
I think those programmes are not good backgammon players and are terrific programmes.
They are just lazy bones, to give computer better chances by "random" function.
I studied the code a little bit. If you were programmers in a commercial company like me (HP), you would be torn out immediately.
shit game your so called "neuronal net functionality", just rubbish.
Comment:Ariston Backgammon is intended to be a fun and challenging competitor in a fair game of backgammon.
To work out whether the program is cheating or simply a good player, just use your own real dice and enter the rolled numbers in the dice box.
This will (at least) proof that the program is playing on a high level and it doesn't need special dice figures to win! (why cheating?)
As you know, a single lucky roll can change the entire game.
Therefore please be fair when entering the rolled dice figures!!!

Another way to work out whether the game plays correctly is to verify the function of the random dice generator.
It is quite simple and the ultimate proof that the game is not cheating.
For details read in the Help/Info menu the chapter "Are the dice rolls random"

Ron from Philippines wrote:
E-Mail: rwelton_ at
I look forward to beeing able to use your game. It is by far the best of all the backgammon games I have seen to date. I especially enjoy the humor you added with the "kilroy" character.

Trevs from London wrote:
E-Mail: trevorj7 at
Absolutely Brilliant... Plays a very exciting and challenging game, and those graphics are superb!
I don't play my other backgammon programs any more, so I have to give this 10/10 well done.

RichMan from Germany, RLP wrote:
E-Mail: tobias.siefer at
Also ich komm mittlerweile wesentlich besser mit dem Spiel zurecht. Bin eher der Anfänger und war am Anfang etwas... nennen wir es "erbost" :)... über den Level des Spiels. Wenn man sich aber ein bisschen eingespielt hat ist das schon ok... Trotzdem fänd ich es net schlecht, wenn zukünftige Versionen vielleicht auch eine Option zum Einstellen der Schwierigkeit hätten...

john from Australia wrote:
E-Mail: jpeck at
Having become boringly superior to 4.28 just want to know if one registers or whatever one gets a higher performing version.
Comment: Ariston always plays at its best level! That's why so many good players love the game and why many others have a problem to beat the game and finally get angry or bored or whatever.

Gary from Maryland USA wrote:
E-Mail: ntester2 at
I truly love your backgammon game and the new version is even more fun to play.
I have found your game to be the most like playing a real person of all the electronic backgammon games I have tried.

Bill from USA wrote:
E-Mail: bsher at
These statistics might help in "proving" that the rolls are random.
.....................Score Games
White (me)......245....116

If the computer were "cheating" how come it has lost 51 points to me???

John from USA wrote:
E-Mail: johnjojohnjo at
The dice do not cheat, but the doubling cube does cheat.
I kept track over 92 games and discovered if an blot was possible the computer hit it 14 out of 14 times immediately after doubling.
On four occasions when I was on the bar and the computer doubled, it was able to secure a home point all four times.
This shows the computer knows when to double based on the upcoming roll.
Comment:Dear John,
It is simple to verify that this is not the case. Set up the position and use your own dice. Although Ariston doesn't know the next roll it will double as before.

eva from sweden wrote:
E-Mail: rox_rox at
Painfully slow in XP, very annoying not to be allowed to move the lowest dice first if I want to
Comment:Dear Eva,
Please use a version later than 4.18 for Win.XP.
You may download the latest version 4.21 from my web site.
For moving either the right or left dice just use the left or right mouse key!
For instant help just click on the red query key or use "help" in the popup menu.

eva from sweden wrote:
E-Mail: rox_rox at
Hi and thanks!
Now the program works wonder. Very nice and in my opinion the computer doesn´t cheat. Specially since I win too often.

Michael Stevens from Oxford Uk wrote:
E-Mail: michael.stevens at
I am new to Ariston but have some practice. Totally believe you do not cheat but how is the computers game compiled? Mathematically in response tp present state of the game? or by a human program. Please elucidate and refer me to a forum where I can discuss my game thanks

Shawn from houston, texas wrote:
E-Mail: icor_consulting at
I have to agree with jeff powell.
I find it amazing that I will roll a double virtually verytime I am on the bar and the roll is something that I do not need.
Yes the computer receives a very unusually high number of 'perfect' rolls! Amazing that I can even win a game at all!!
Seems that I only win when I have the computer on the rocks and it does not want to double any further!!
Why is it that the computer rolls so perfectly?
Why is it that the computer rolls to start the game more than 80% of the time?
Why is it that leaving a man open when the computer would need a statistically low roll it always receives it?
Michael, great game's not fun when the computer is nearly always able to receive the impossible!!
Not sure how the random generator really works but sarcasm is not needed when your game seems to be statiscally acheive the impossible!!
Comment:Hello Shawn,
How about what Gill is saying?...It is all in your hand...
I know all these questions and doubts when I started with backgammon.
I did find my answers in a little book about this high interesting game.

Gill from UK wrote:
E-Mail: dng3 at
Its a great game indeed
If you want to cheat you can or if you dont't then don't. The author has given us the choice.
It is without doubt the best backgammon game to download. I know 'cos I've tried them all.
I have found that the game is running slower in XP anyone help.
Comment:Thanks Gill. Please download the new upgrade. It should move faster now.

Richard Edwards from Houston, Texas wrote:
E-Mail: rcedwards at
Greetings from Houston, Texas, Michael. I wanted to stop a moment and say THANK-YOU for such a well put together, accurate and easy to play game of Backgammon. Thank-You! It has been so much fun in this past month of recuperation from surgery, it has made the hours pass by much easier for me. I enjoy very much your game of Backgammon.

Chris Mercer from New Zealand wrote:
E-Mail: chrismercer51 at
What the author doesn't grasp is that you don't need to be a mathmatician to gauge fair play in a game of chance.
It has nothing to do with being a weaker or stronger player when you see your lone counters being hit almost 100%
of the time. I'll just give the computer a million points and go and outside and play.
Comment: Sometimes I get upset if my opponent has a too lucky run...But you don't have to be a mathematician to verify the correct function of the random dice generator ! This game is not made for beginner!

Baseball5077 from ohio wrote:
E-Mail: Baseball5077 at
thank you

chris from London wrote:
E-Mail: chrisrees66 at
An excellent game in general, but I am also a little suspicious about the "cheating" (although I find it
hard to imagine why someone would design software that cheats - what is the point?!).
In my experience I don't think the machine gets any better dice than the human opponent -
the rolls seem more or less equal to me. But the fact remains that the computer always "knows" what
roll is coming next, and so can adjust it's prior move accordingly. I only raise this point because
on at least two occasions the computer has made an extremely risky move (which other
backgammon playing friends of mine agreed was clearly not the optimum move in the position),
and yet each time the human opponent has not got the dice needed to take advantage, and then
with the next move the computer is able to go in for the kill.

wes wrote:
E-Mail: wes5028 at
It cheats pure and simple. I play alot of online backgammon and win about 54%. As some others have said leave a blot and the game will take and roll what ever is needed to win. If it was random then why does it compute when it doubles, same thing it computes the rolls needed to win.
Comment: Since it is simple for everyone to verify the function of the random dice generator...I don't know why you writing this. It is up to you to use it... What more can I offer ???...

Mark Reyna from Guatemala, Central America wrote:
E-Mail: mepolly at
Well, to be honest, I am not coming from anywhere. I just live here in Guatemala, Central America.
Congratulations for a job well done!
In my opinion, Ariston Backgammon is a beautiful piece of work. My only complain so far is the fact that the program does not allow me to strech the board a bit more so as to fill the screen completely.
Any time one plays backgammon (computerized or otherwise), one has to always keep in mind that if dice are involved in the game it is then estrictly a pure game of change; nothing more, nothing less.
The odds are bound to swing in either direction as often as not.
keep up the good work!!

andy from France wrote:
E-Mail: knowler at
Hi.....just read the last couple of comments....they must be lousy players and bad losers !
I am by no means a great backgammon player , but on average I am winning about 50% of the games.....the programme makes intelligent moves and that requires a bit of thought from a mere human !
I have tried a number of other programmes....Ariston comes out is simple , clear and not expensive.
If I have a few francs left at the end of the month I will buy it !

lillian from norway wrote:
E-Mail: lillian.tuxen at
-very good game! the best backgammon I have found so fare.
Comment: Hi Lillian..I am still working to improve its game skills to keep it one of the best programs you can get...

jeff powell from texas wrote:
E-Mail: powpow345 at
give me a break!!! the rolls the computer gets are mathematically impossible.
first, the computer gets to go first over 90% of the time.
second, leaving a disk open is an invitation to being sent back to the bar practically every time. impossible!!!
third, the computer gets an unusually high number of doubles, especially on the roll off. get real!!! no player is that lucky, ever!!!
Comment: Hello Jeff and welcome to the club of people who rather blame the program for cheating than facing the truth.
NOTICE the program is not cheating and the random dice genearator has been testet by many players.
Why don't you verify the correct function of the random dice generator yourself ?
It is so easy any child can do that.
Once you have learned how a random generator generally works you can be sure that everything with the program is alright.

Lisa Walker from New Zealand wrote:
E-Mail: ara1 at
I've tried the backgammon...and it cheats. Who wants to play against a cheat? If it didn't cheat then I would probably register and pay for it.
Comment: Hi Lisa. You have every right to be suspicious but please don't jump to premature conclusions.
Ariston Backgammon don't manipulating the rolls and it don't take advantage of upcoming rolls!
Since the "SEED" number is displayed down at the status bar, it is absolutely simple to verify the game is definitely not cheating !
Please read in the help menue "Contents" - " Are the dice rolls random?" for details.

Stephen T. Becker from USA wrote:
E-Mail: stb3669 at
I've been playing ARISTON now since 8/16/00, probably sooner than that before I purchased it. It is the best Backgammon game to date on my computer, and I have 3 others. ARISTON gets the most of all because it is so challenging. It is also the fastest of any I've tried, and I have tried all of them on the Net.
I"m all the time calling Ariston a cheater. I'll take a chance and say to the game "now try and get these two", and at time it gets both. Great fun, great game. Sorry, I didn't think to wright sooner and give you praise for building the best game out there!

Samuel Combs from New Bern, NC wrote:
E-Mail: SCombs34 at
Great game! The best of many that I have tried. I win about 48% of the games. Not bad, huh?

Luiz from Brazil wrote:
E-Mail: plenomkt at
Congratulations for a tremendously good game you produced.
Despite the fact that it appears just a tiny little bit cheaty or overlucy,
I understand that positioning the pieces correctly makes a huge difference.

Backgammon Addict from Chicago wrote:
E-Mail: sr8934 at
Excellent backgammon game. It offers a challenge to both the novice and the pro who has tried all the rest, now wants the best. This version offers features not found in other games on the net. Try it now, you won't regret it.

John from USA wrote:
E-Mail: ZenChicken at
Thanks for a great backgammon game at a reasonable price...
It is at least as good as the Jellyfish Player 3.01...
I think the graphics are much better than Jelly and the level of difficulty about the same...
By the way, I can beat it about 50% of the time and my rating is somewhere
in the 1900-2000 range. Good software.

Tom Johnson from USA wrote:
E-Mail: tcj1 at
I think this is the best backgammon game out there.
I have played many games and I can beat Ariston most of the time.
The dice are lucky some times, but overall its a great challenge if you
want to learn this game. I have played other backgammon games and they make stupid moves.
This program makes pro moves, so I want to thank the programmer
for a the great job they have done.

SunPig from USA wrote:
E-Mail: azsunpig at
The best backgammon game I have downloaded."
If you are a backgammon freak like me, you want this game. The best computer opponent, excellent graphics and the option to roll dice or use computer generated ones.

Mohammad from Iran wrote:
Within the previous long games that I had with Ariston backgammon program I thought that misusing the cube is the reason to Ariston high score in comparison to me..
So this time I disabled the “use cube” option and played 2003 games seriously and without cheat with ariston backgammon.
The result is weird: 940 win and 1063 lose I added also some option to RND DLL but it’s all I see and I couldn’t find any dice based cheat on software..
Even I’m seeing this by my eyes, still it is unbelievable. It clearly playing better than me!!!
Comment:Thanks Mohammad for your idea to offer a option to use (self made) external Dice generators and all your code examples.

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