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Ariston Backgammon is 100% clean download

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Ariston BackGammon Wink Challenging backgammon software for Windows ---
Ariston BackGammon is available for Windows 11 |10 | 8 | 7 | Vista | XP | 2000 | NT4 | ME | 98 | 95 .
It plays at a very high level, is most easy to use, has attractive animated graphics, many useful features and first of is just a great fun to play.

  • Neural net - based logic. Most challenging AI and "maybe" not recommended for beginner!
  • The best and easiest to use interface even on touch screen and Windows Tablet PC.
  • Attractive graphics and sound.(animated pieces, etc.)
  • Ability to save positions in archive.
  • Computer recommended moves.
  • Take back moves.
  • Uses the doubling cube. (select Jacoby rule)
  • Play against the computer or a human opponent.
  • Watch game computer vs. computer.
  • Play a tournament match. (select Crawford rule)
  • Option to use your own random dice generator.
  • Easily set up any board situation.
  • Open / Save a position file. *.POS
  • Rollout any position at any time.
  • Replay log files ( *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG )
  • Record your match or game in a log file.
  • Board designer to customize colors and pattern.
  • SVGA Graphics and Full Screen mode support.
    Download Click here for a free shareware version
--- Now easy to use on touch screen and Windows Tablet PC.

A word about fairness of the dice rolls ?
Since the "SEED" number is displayed down at the status bar, you may verify the correct function of the random dice generator !
new Use your own random dice generator new
Feel free to use an external random dice generator.
Just copy your DLL in the folder where Ariston is installed
and your own dice generator will be used as plugin.
Perhaps a great option to convince yourself about the fairness.
Click here for details and to download samples.


Rollout a position.
To rollout a position means to play the game several times from the current position to the end.
This is where the computer comes in handy. For some moves it could take hundreds of rollouts to determine which choice is the best and what is your chance to win this game. A very usefull software tool for both beginner or professional player.
Replay a log file:
(game or tournament)

With this software you have the option to replay step by step games and matches stored to a file. These files used to have the suffix *.MAT *.GAM *.NG *.SGG and they will be created I.e. while playing on a backgammon server. You may also download such files on the internet to watch high class backgammon matches.
Secrets of Backgammon

Do you want to know more about ARISTON BACKGAMMON?
Why do other players and Ariston have so much luck?
Why do you mostly lose?
Are there any secrets you don't know?
Click here for more information about Backgammon, Luck, Dice, Random, Chances and F.A.Q.

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new Ariston Backgammon
Challenging backgammon software for Windows. ---
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Download Version 7.06

Filename Size Description

ARISTON.EXE is a self-extracting easy-installation software of Ariston BackGammon.
It is a free, fully functional shareware program for your evaluation.
You can start it up to 10 times and test it as long as you like!
So feel free and have a go... there is no obligation.

If you already have a password but a previous version installed and want to update your software please download ARISTON.EXE. Start this program and your existing version will be replaced.
You don't have to enter your password again!

Always keep a copy of your running version!

To install Ariston BackGammon software start ARISTON.EXE and follow the installation-routine. To uninstall Ariston BackGammon software just start "uninstall" in the Ariston installation folder.

Although Ariston BackGammon software is carefully programmed, checked and tested I have to write the following lines. This software program is distributed "as is" without any warranties, express or implied. Should any problems arise as a result of using this software I shall not be held responsible. Your use of the software is entirely at your own risk.

: Softpedia guarantees that
Ariston BackGammon is 100% CLEAN,
which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
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new Ariston Backgammon
Challenging backgammon software for Windows.

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Ariston Backgammon is 100% clean download

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